We're thrilled to announce our latest collection with East London Parasol Co, presenting two vibrant Warner House designs featured on exquisite parasols. Our joint values of traditional craftsmanship and design are aligned in the Octagonal Parasols produced, bringing together the best of British carpentry and Indian textiles. The canopies are screen printed and sewn from water resistant canvas in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Whilst the frames are made by carpenters in the UK using FSC certified sustainable ash wood and East London Parasols own designs of brass fittings and pulleys. Experience a seamless fusion of style, durability, and functionality, as our heritage Warner House designs meet the expertise of East London Parasol in creating bold beautiful sunshades.

We rejoice in the revival of the Elizabeth Parasol, initially created in partnership with East London Parasol to mark the Platinum Jubilee. The Elizabeth Citrine showcases a canopy adorned with the Warner House BALMORAL design in a stunning rich yellow hue. Drawing inspiration from the Chamba Rumals of the 17th century, Balmoral depicts a vibrant woodland scene with deer, birds and foliage. The light ash wood frame beautifully complements the taupe and jewel-toned yellow canvas, creating a lovely and harmonious aesthetic. Styled with our FLAME OF THE FOREST palm cushions.

Les Pecheurs China Blue Fabric & WallpaperLes Pecheurs China Blue Fabric & Wallpaper

Following the triumph of the Elizabeth Citrine Parasol, we are thrilled to introduce the BALMORAL design in a new and exclusive colourway, now presented in a luxurious ruby shade. This captivating garden umbrella promises to be a standout feature in any garden, terrace or courtyard. The deep ruby hue is complemented by the taupe accents in the print, matching tassels and the light ash wood frame of the parasol. For a sophisticated ensemble, we suggest styling with as showcased with our JANNAH Spruce and GUADELOUPE Sand cushions.

Deauville Indigo SilkDeauville Indigo Silk

The sumptuous Peony Jade Green Octagonal Parasol, printed with verdant flora and soaring birds, features a fresh combination of pristine white and vibrant green. Showcasing the exquisite PEONIES Jade design inspired by 18th-century Irish plate printed toiles, the peony and sparrow linen fabric boasts a delicate watercolour wash effect. The garden parasol's crisp colours and chic design, complemented by a light wood frame and an Arabian-inspired valance with luxurious green tassels, effortlessly elevate any outdoor space. Perfectly partnered with AFSANA Spruce and CHINESE GARDEN stone cushions.

Warner’s colourful history and design spans all the way back to the 16th century and we are overjoyed to be working with the beautiful East London Parasol brand, proud to introduce our heritage designs as stunning Parasols. This dynamic collaboration provides a delightful blend of comfort and aesthetics for those seeking to enhance their outdoor spaces with unmatched sophistication.