As one of Earth’s dominant colours, green by association is deemed to have mood-enhancing benefits – from calming to cocooning to energising. It also represents new life, growth and vitality, making it a feel-good choice for an interior design scheme.

“Green is an all-time hero at Warner House,” says founder Lee Clarke. “In its many guises, it resonates through our heritage archive of textiles and wallpapers from the 16th century onwards, bringing endless inspiration for a room scheme.”

In this article, we take a look at how to style a space with green, plus inspire you with six green wallpaper designs and their complementary paint combinations.

How to decorate with green

We don’t often think about the theory behind colour, but green sits between yellow and blue on the colour spectrum. Add black, grey and white and the shade, tone and tint will change to represent the many greens we are familiar with today.

“Warner House prides itself on colour thanks to our two centuries of design pedigree,” says Lee Clarke. “From soft sage to nutty olive and from peacock teal to deeply pigmented forest, these decorative and charismatic wallpaper patterns coordinate with our high-quality and sustainable paints, inspired by the archive.”

So how do you decide on the dream green wallpaper and paint combination for your decorating scheme? Interior designers advise that you consider the basics first: the function and size of the space; the light that enters during the day; and the atmosphere you want to create. These three simple steps will kick-start your design thinking.

The rest is down to your taste and style. Search out signature wallpapers – with green, coloured or neutral grounds. Green grounds in colours such as jade, olive, fern, leaf or juniper will bring rich drama to a wall, especially during the twilight hours. Neutral or light-coloured grounds will feel effortless and easy on the eye in daytime rooms. Feeling inspired? We showcase six green wallpaper ideas with the perfect paints to match…

Dream of exotic lush greens

Exotic Kingdom Noir Chintz SchemeExotic Kingdom Noir Chintz Scheme

Luscious greens, by nature, feel alive and euphoric and, when applied to a black ground, will make a space sing with vitality.

Exotic Kingdom Noir with its animated scene of magical plants and trees, prowling lions and frolicking monkeys will instantly transport you to dreamy and exotic lands. Popular during the Napoleonic reign, this large-scale and eclectic wallpaper design works well in rooms that are all about nightlife.

Couple it with Silk Cocoon, a gentle, grey-white paint with the delicacy of a silk cocoon, or the striking dark green of Hollybush Gardens, named after the site of the early Warner factory in London.

When it comes to soft furnishing co-ords, head to the earth tones, such as Fernbrook Ochre, Downham Sienna and Downham Calvados.

Fall for a country-green Chinoiserie

Yentai Stone WallpaperYentai Stone Wallpaper

A refined melange of eau de nil, olive and deep green work, alongside a contrasting ginger, to create a mellow Chinoiserie scene. Sourced from an early 20th century printed linen document, Yentai Stone Wallpaper, is illustrated with charming oriental urns filled with delightful and sprawling floral arrangements.

On a soothing stone ground, this relaxed decorative wallpaper feels cultured and classic in a country setting. Pair it with the rich olive green of Journeyman to paint doors and windows. Dobby, a deep ginger paint, would also make a warming choice alongside beamed ceilings and wooden floors.

Tease out inspiration for upholstery and cushions from the wallpaper itself, including Downham Willow Plain Velvet Fabric, Downham Calvados Plain Velvet Fabric and Chinese Garden Cinnabar Cushion.

Refresh with spruce and Indienne style

Afsana Spruce Wallpaper and BlindAfsana Spruce Wallpaper and Blind

The earthy pine forest with its evergreen hues sets the scene for this commanding and timeless wallpaper, known as Afsana Spruce.

Inspired by a late 18th century Indienne, this bold serpentine trail reflects the meeting of two cultures, Indian and European. It creates a surprisingly contemporary look when used against a crisp white painted background, such as White Ribbon, for a good clean contrast. To create a warmer, folksy ambience, seek out the warm grey-brown paint Camlet.

Push the boundaries with maximal upholstered seating in an all-over weave inspired by the fur of the majestic leopard, called Leopard Noir.

Look to fern-coloured trees of life

Amoli Fern WallpaperAmoli Fern Wallpaper

Woodland fern greens are the perfect starting point for a country house decorating scheme where architectural features, such as painted panelling, cornicing and dados, can also hold the colour.

For rhythmic delight, Amoli Fern wallpaper (shown) is inspired by the early Persian patterns of the Ottoman Empire. A tree of life design with a surrounding floral trail, it reveals a beautifully drawn yellow Tiger Lily as its central theme. This elegant design makes a stunning feature wall working as a backdrop in a bathroom with a luxurious bathtub or to line the walls of a hallway where the yellow pops will inject lightness into a dark space.

Frame the wallpaper with the perfect paint pairing of Journeyman. This olive green paint will frame the effect on woodwork and walls. Or try a neutral such as New Mills with its elegant stone shade. When it comes to Roman blinds, head for Lilou Leaf Linen Mix Fabric for its small print contrast.

Live with leafy green elegance

Snowbell Blush WallpaperSnowbell Blush Wallpaper

Leafy garden greens make a calming and clean statement in light-filled rooms. Fuss-free with an air of art deco, this tender design, known as Snowbell Blush Wallpaper, is a romantic floral against a pale pink ground and seeks inspiration from European botanical studies of flora and fauna.

Depending on the room, paint with Satine, a subtle, grey-pink paint – good for a bedroom – or White Ribbon’s clean white finish for an elegant ensuite.

Layer up the pattern with soft furnishings – in echoing greens – such as Snowbell Blush Cotton Fabric alongside small prints Primula Gold Linen Mix Fabric with its pretty sprigs and Little Acorns Green Linen Mix Fabric.

Explore the deep green of the jungle

Mustique Jungle Wallpaper and BlindMustique Jungle Wallpaper and Blind

Robust and dark glossy greens, reminiscent of a Caribbean rain forest, bring a potent and enveloping feeling to spaces blessed with bright white light.

The super-glamourous Guadeloupe Jungle Wallpaper is a vigorous tropical foliage trail inspired by the botanical species found on the island of Guadeloupe. Its beautifully observed leaves, branches and trunks inspire dreams of travels to lands of paradise.

An immersive and confident paint companion is Exhibition, a dashing and delightful green paint with deep pigments that will deepen and cocoon rooms.

Downham Juniper Plain Velvet Fabric, Downham Asparagus Plain Velvet Fabric and Campbell Ginger Plain Linen Fabric accessorise perfectly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these inspiring ideas to bring a touch of green into your home. Our luxury wallpaper collection contains over 100 green wallpaper designs, including botanical florals, chintzes, toile de jouy, ikats and whimsical pieces. For rich depth of colour and a durable finish, our water-based paints in both matt emulsion and eggshell finishes, are crafted to work in unison and are sustainably produced in the UK.

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