We take great pride in extending our partnership with Rampley & Co, sharing common values and a modern vision for sophisticated, confident British style. Paying homage to our origins in silk-weaving and embracing our dedication to Great British craftsmanship, we are thrilled to unveil three new Warner designs as exquisite silk pocket squares.

Rampley & Co have cultivated a distinctive presence in the clothing industry, presenting a unique offering in the market. Their commitment to delivering superior products rests on traditional craftsmanship and exceptional materials, ensuring garments that stand the test of time. This aligns seamlessly with Warner's values and rich history, specializing in the production of the finest figured silks for various occasions. Today, Warner House proudly presents an extensive home furnishings collection while staying true to the brand's foundation of high-quality materials and expert artisanship.  

Our LE GRAND OPERA Noir design has transformed into a stunning silk fashion piece, locally produced on 100% mulberry silk, we see our Chintz design come to life. “So this is a very lavish and decadent design with rich dark colours. Because of this, the design lends itself to evening attire. For black tie, I always like to wear something that's like more interesting to complement the rest of the outfit, so pairing this striking pocket square with an otherwise monochromatic black dinner suit would look excellent.”- Chris Modoo, stylist.

Introducing our LE GRAND OPERA design in an additional Crimson colourway featured as a beautiful pocket square. Depicting floral garlands set within a scene of gathered drapes and lavish trimmings, this deep red trompe l’oeil fabric design was popular during the French 1870-1890 Era. “This design is especially beautiful, with a marvellous combination of colours. I think it's very different to the first colourway. I would just pair this with a plain navy blazer and navy tie, and then the focal point of your whole outfit would be this pocket square.”- Chris Modoo, stylist.

Our FLEURS EXOTIQUE Blue design has transformed into this luxury men’s accessory. A tropical trail featuring Hibiscus, ginger and fruiting pineapples, secretly dotted in-between these magnificent plants are tropical birds and butterflies. This charming design was first printed in the Alsace area of France around 1860. “I think the colourways in this design, as well as the beautiful pattern, would lend itself to a beautiful daytime occasion, for example, a summer wedding. It would look especially elegant paired with a mid-grey suit and navy tie for a very smart and tonal look.” - Chris Modoo, stylist.