How to measure for curtains

Measuring the curtain width


To start, measure the width of the curtain track or pole, not the window.


If you are fitting a new track or pole, make sure this extends 15cm to 30cm minimum either side of the window to allow the curtains to be stacked back. If your curtains are to be hung on a large window, you may want to allow further room for the curtains to be stacked back, for example up to 60cm. Also ensure the track or pole is fitted 12cm to 15cm above the window recess.


If you have a curtain track, measure the width from end to end (A).

If you have a rail with a centre overlap, measure the width of the track from end to end (A) then measure the width of the overlap (B). Add these two measurements together to get the total track width.


If you have a curtain pole, make sure you measure the width between the decorative ends (finials).


Measuring the curtain drop


Curtains are best hung either to the floor, to a sill or below the sill. We recommend that curtains finish either:


A) 1cm above the floor

B) 15-20cm below the sill (or 2cm above the radiator)

C) 1cm above the sill



Another option is a drop that allows you to puddle your curtains and if this is the desired finish, we would recommend that you measure:


From pole or track to floor, plus 2cm (break puddle)

From pole or track to floor, plus 30-50cm (true puddle)


It is important to remember that floors and sills are rarely level so be sure to measure in at least 3 positions across the track or pole. Where choosing an above sill or above the floor finish, we recommend using the shortest of these 3 measurements to avoid the curtains dragging.


When using a curtain track, measure from the top of the track to where the curtain is to finish.


When using a curtain pole, measure from the underside of the decorative ring to where the curtain is to finish.


If you are still deciding on the type of curtain heading you would like, visit our guide on how to choose the right curtain heading.


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