How to Measure Curtains

Select Type:


Two Curtains


One Curtain

Measuring The Width


Measure the entire width of the track.


Measure the pole width, excluding finials.

Measuring The Length (Drop)


Measure from the top of the track to desired finished length (See Below)


Measure from the bottom of the curtain ring to desired finished length (See Below)

  • Above Sill

    Ideally should finish 1cm above the window sill.

  • Below Sill

    Ideally should finish 15cm below the window sill (depending on any obstructions)

  • Floor Length

    Ideally should finish 1cm above the floor.

Select Header Type:

Luxury Pencil Pleat
Luxury Pencil Pleat
Double Pinch Pleat
Double Pinch Pleat
Triple Pinch Pleat
Triple Pinch Pleat

Our hand-sewn curtains are made to your exact specifications, from the measurements you provide to the fabric and design you choose. This includes the curtain heading that you opt for too, with this element adding the finishing touch to your new drapes. We have three heading types available: deep 6” pencil pleat, double pinch pleat and triple pinch pleat. These headings have been selected as they each perfectly complement our designs, delivering grandeur and luxury.

Deep Pencil Pleat

Made up of small individual pleats, our deep pencil pleat headings deliver a smart, classic finish. Consisting of tightly gathered folds, the curtain can be pulled to the desired width. This heading is suited for curtains of all lengths, whether finishing just below a sill, just above the floor or pooling. When fitted close to the wall on a track or from floor to ceiling, these curtains also offer a great blackout effect. Due to the fabric being ruched against itself, curtains with pencil pleat headings will take up more space than other headings when stacked back. Deep pencil pleat curtains can be hung on any type of curtain track or pole, including on a curtain track in a bay window.

Double and Triple Pinch Pleat

Comprised of hand-sewn pleats which gather the curtain fabric into neat folds, pinch pleat headings present a sophisticated, elegant look.

We offer two variations of the pinch pleat; double pinch pleat and triple pinch pleat.

The choice between double and triple pinch pleat comes down to personal preference, with triple using more fabric but delivering an even fuller drape.

Pinch pleat headings offer good stack back too, with the concertina action of the pleats meaning that the curtains do not take up to much space when pulled back. However, as the fabric between the pleats does fold back, curtains with this heading must be installed on a pole or track with good clearance from the wall.

Both double and triple pencil pleat curtains can be hung on any type of curtain track or pole.


Select Lining:

Interlined Cotton (Ivory)
Interlined Blackout (Ivory)

At Warner House, all of our curtains are hand sewn using interlining as standard. Interlining is basically a cotton fleece material which is sandwiched between the face fabric and the curtain lining which adds body and generates a soft, luxurious feel. Interlining also helps with insulation and sound absorbency.

We offer two choices of quality curtain lining in a soft ivory colour;

Cotton: Eco friendly, made from a premium quality mix of BCI cotton and polyester produced from recycled plastic bottles. The handle is sumptuous, enhancing the drape and structure of the curtains.

Blackout: Blackout lining eliminates light and is therefore ideal for bedrooms, whilst also further improving insulation.

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UK Mainland:
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Free delivery on orders of £250 or more
For Curtain and Blind orders under £250, the delivery charge is £6.95

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